Biocare-ink: The Gold Standard for Tattoo Removal


The gold standard in tattoo removal technology in one compact desktop system without compromise on power and results.


A range of the most in-demand treatments from one hand piece.

laser tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal

Removal unwanted tattoos from almost any area of the body, leaving fresh clear skin.

laser carbon facial

Carbon Facials

Exfoliate the skin and stimulate natural collagen production for a fresher, firmer look.



Remove semi permanent makeup mistakes to banish unwanted wonky eyebrows.

Nail info

Fungal Nail

Target pathagens under the nail plate to eliminate fungal infection.

The gold standard for permanent tattoo removal
See how much you could earn with the Biocare-ink

Technology that delivers dramatic, life-changing results

tattoo before tattoo after
Tattoo Removal
resultSPMUbefore resultSPMUafter
resultstattoofingerbefore resultstattoofingerafter
Tattoo Removal
(After just one session)
Watch tattoos disappear with each treatment
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Effectively targets light & dark coloured inks

laser tattoo removal graph
The Biocare-ink is able to effectively remove tattoos across the full colour spectrum with it’s advanced dual wavelength technology. Using 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths alone and in combination ensures dark, light, and coloured tattoo inks can be successfully removed.

Incredible instant results from celeb favourite carbon facials

An increasingly popular celebrity favourite, also known as the ‘Hollywood Facial’ is the ultimate laser skin rejuvenation treatment that dramatically improves the outer skin and the deep dermis.
Increase your earning potential with the Biocare-ink


Use our profit calculator to work out how much you could earn from introducing the Biocare-ink to your business.

Simply select your preferred finance option and adjust the treatment variables, such as how many treatments you will perform per day. Our calculator will then work out your estimated monthly profit (minus the cost of your device) so that you can see your earning potential.

Performing as little as just two treatments per day at an average price of £80/treatment would equate to having paid off your machine in less than 6 months!